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We give children the confidence and increased awareness skills that could keep them from potential danger. We make it fun because kids learn self-protection “Chihuahua Style.”

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Discover Play It Safe Defense for Children

Play It Safe Defense empowers children with self-protection skills in a fun and age- appropriate one-session workshop. Our passion and mission is to teach kids to respond appropriately to unique challenges they might face such as: dealing with bullies, friendship drama, stranger awareness, in-appropriate touch from someone they might know and abduction defense. We have taught hundreds of thousands of children our “Go Chihuahua Crazy!” ™ curriculum and have seen first-hand how our unique teaching approach changes lives and empowers children with confidence and boundaries.

If you have a zest for teaching children, feel inspired to empower kids with critical knowledge and safety skills, and a home-based, purpose driven business model appeals to you, then becoming a Play It Safe Defense Licensee is your calling.

Childhood Sexual Assault Statistics

Sexual assault: 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys before the age of 18 years (National Center for Juvenile Justice-July 2000)

Bullying statistics

Bullying statistics: Nearly 1 in 3 students (27.8%) report being bullied during the school year (National Center for Educational Statistics, 2013)

Stranger Abduction Statistics

Stranger abductions: According to the The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, more than 58,000 children were abducted by non-family members (1999 study)

Do I need to be a martial artist?

No. This is a business anyone can do with a passion to empower Children. Martial Arts experience is a plus, but we are looking for Licensees that are high energy and fun! If you prefer to teach high school age students or women, we will put you in touch with Steve Kardin, the founder of Jane-Jitsu, a women’s self-defense certification program.


Why Licensing?

Licensing gives you a “Business in a Box” and rights to use our “Go Chihuahua Crazy! ™” branding and proprietary curriculum. We are on a mission to teach Confidence and Increased Awareness to children across the nation. Licensing awards us the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, where we can offer a turnkey business model that attracts clients and shows you how to effectively run the Play It Safe Defense® program in your area. We are with you every step of the way, our curriculum is easy to learn and teach. We assume you have no prior self-defense skills but that you do have the desire and confidence to jump right in and be a leader.


What’s the cost?

The initial license fee is $5,000, plus a monthly membership fee of $99.00 for a three (3) year licensing agreement. Additionally, you will need reliable transportation to support this mobile business. We also require that all licensees and their team members pass a designated background check, for which the fees will be incurred by you and payable to approved vendors in your area.


What’s included in the licensing fee?

1. Initial Training includes a combination of 8.5 hours of classroom, virtual and hand’s on training
2. Play It Safe Defense “Business-in-the-Box”– (a)Instructor’s Manual (b)Operation’s Manual (c) Business Forms and Templates.
3. Designated protected territory.
4. Access to our secure Training Portal, Training videos, and Resource Library
5. The Chihuahua Puppet! She’s the hit of the class! And a key component of our proprietary curriculum.
6. Access to purchase Promotional Materials, including our Girl & Boy Scout Patches
7. On-Going Support for Business Development and Community Outreach
8. Inclusion in the Play It Safe Defense Website and Licensee Network


Who are my clients?

Children ages 4 to 13 years. We teach classes to Girl & Boy Scouts, YMCA Adventure Guides, after-school programs, and youth groups. We also present at school assemblies.


Am I an ideal candidate?

If you can entertain children, “Go Chihuahua Crazy!” and make kids laugh, we want you on our team! Our philosophy stems around a teaching style called “Edu-tainment.” Educate children by entertaining them. Again, martial art’s skills are a plus, but not a requirement. Additionally, our ideal candidates are hi-energy, business savvy entrepreneurs with a passion for empowering children.


How soon can I start teaching Play It Safe Defense?

We make it easy for you to launch your business immediately after completing the initial training. Schedule classes at your convenience on a full-time or part-time basis.


Will I have a protected area?

Yes, a protected territory will be established with each license agreement. Typically aligning within your county and zip code boundary lines and/or within the recognized Girl and Boy Scout region in your area.


How long has Play It Safe Defense been in business?

Our founder and lead instructor, Tracie Arlington has been an advocate for teaching child safety since 1998. Tracie launched Play It Safe Defense in San Diego County in 2003.


How much money will I make?

In owning your own business you control your own success. As a Play It Safe Defense Licensee you have many advantages in today marketplace, including demand for our services. Our business model is proven. Your success will be dependent on your ability to implement and mimic our leadership and “Chihuahua Crazy” coaching style in both the classroom and in your business operations. As a mobile business you have the flexibility to go where your students are, on a part-time or full-time basis.

We’ve kept the application process easy:

1. You reach out and complete our short form

2. We connect with-in 24 to 48 hours

We will call you and let you know when and how to start the application process.

3. Together we will discover just how Chihuahua Crazy you are!

”Teaching children these important “life lessons” has given me a purpose and passion for my life. There is nothing more satisfying then seeing a child leave a class empowered and happy! Hope you make this your passion as well.” - Tracie Arlington, Founder

Why Play It Safe Defense?

Be in business for yourself, not by yourself. Enjoy the flexibility of a mobile business that is home-based and purpose driven.

Play It Safe Defense offers an established business model, tested operational systems and a fun and engaging work environment. The spirit of our program has gained national recognition too, with appearances on The Dr. Phil Show and the Doctors TV.